Frontiers in Chemistry, a top-rated Q1 journal from publishes a new development by the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, NRNU MEPhI, in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment

Frontiers in Chemistry, a prestigious international journal, has published the latest result of research and developments by the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering (LNBE) in collaboration with other leading Russian and foreign research centers in the field of diagnosis and treatment of cancer (Galina Nifontova, Fernanda Ramos-Gomes, Maria Baryshnikova, Frauke Alves, Igor Nabiev and Alyona Sukhanova. Cancer Cell Targeting with Functionalized Quantum Dot–Encoded Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules).

Polyelectrolyte microcapsules carrying monoclonal antibodies on the surface, optically tagged, and loaded with a pharmaceutical agent are promising tools for cancer diagnosis and treatment. The best candidates for the role of the optical tags are quantum dots, with their bright and stable photoluminescence, wide absorption spectra, and narrow emission spectra.

In the microprobes developed by the authors, quantum dots are embedded in the polymer shell of the capsules, which prevents their direct interaction with cells and ensures imaging of the carrier. Experiments on cell cultures have confirmed that the new microcapsules, first, find their targets, namely, cells expressing a cancer marker on their surface, with a high precision and, second, have themselves a very low cytotoxic activity. In other words, the microcapsules encoded with quantum dots are a promising platform for designing theranostic agents that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Frontiers in Chemistry is a leading international journal on chemistry publishing original, mainly interdisciplinary, breakthrough studies that present new fundamental knowledge or innovative developments. Established in 2013, Frontiers in Chemistry has been permanently included in the first quartile in its subject area since 2016 and has an impact factor higher than 4.

The study by Galina Nifontova and coauthors is the first publication from LNBE in this journal. Two more articles have already been accepted for publication and will appear in Frontiers in Chemistry soon.

The article is open access at the journal's website:


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