Nanomedicine: Researchers from LNBE got two patents on inventions issued

The Russian Federal Intellectual Property Agency (Rospatent) has informed about issuing patents on two inventions in the field of nanomedicine made in LNBE: A Method of Biological Imaging (authored by P.M. Sokolov, A.V. Sukhanova, S.V. Bozrova, and I.R. Nabiev) and A Method of Imaging and Targeted Destruction of Cancer Cells (P.M. Sokolov, A.V. Sukhanova, and I.R. Nabiev).

Early diagnosis and therapy of cancer is one of LNBE's main fields of research and developments. Its social importance is obvious given the high and still growing cancer mortality both in Russia and worldwide. Researchers of LNBE have employed an innovative approach to designing micro- and nanoprobes detecting cancer markers with the use of fluorescent nanocrystals as optical labels or drug delivery systems and ultrasmall single-domain antibodies as capture molecules to make cancer cell detection dramatically more sensitive and reliable. Implementation of these probes into practice will make it possible to diagnose cancer at the early stages when surgical intervention is likely to lead to full recovery, at least in the cases of the most prevalent tumors, such breast, lung, and prostate cancers.

Moreover, the same approach could ensure unprecedentedly accurate targeted delivery of anticancer agents to the arising tumor focus and, hence, substantially increase the effective drug concentration within the focus while correspondingly decreasing the chances of its penetrating into healthy tissues. This radically enhances the efficacy of noninvasive cancer treatment.

The inventions patented by researchers from LNBE were made in pursuit of these very goals. These research and developments are aimed at rapid implementation of their results into clinical practice; they are carried out in collaboration with the Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center.


Maria G. Korenkova, LNBE director of external relations (

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