The Journal of Physics: Conference Series publishes eight papers from the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering in one issue

The papers published present the results of the most recent research and developments related to the use of quantum dots and photonic crystals in diagnosis of malignant tumors and other areas of biomedicine, which is the main subject of activities of LNBE.

The papers are extended versions of reports presented by LNBE's researchers at the 1st International Symposium "Physics, Engineering and Technologies for Bio-Medicine" held on October 18–23, 2016, at the Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine (PhysBio), a recently founded strategic academic unit of MEPhI. The symposium was organized under the auspices of the RF Ministry of Science and Education, Ministry of Health, and the State Company Rosatom; leading scientists in the areas of nano-bioengineering and bio-nanophotonics from Russia, Western Europe, and the United States took part in preparing and conducting the event.

The LNBE publications represening the entire range of the laboratory's research and developments are in the open access at the website of the Journal of Physics: Conference Series issued by IOP Publishing, United Kingdom:

Igor Nabiev, “Quantum Dot-Based Hybrid Nanostructures and Energy Transfer on the Nanoscale for Single- and Multi-Photon Imaging and Cancer Diagnostics”:

P. Linkov, K. Vokhmintcev, P.S. Samokhvalov, I. Nabiev, “Ultrasmall Quantum Dots: A Tool for in Vitro and in Vivo Fluorescence Imaging”,

D. Dovzhenko, V. Terekhin, K. Vokhmincev, A. Sukhanova, I. Nabiev, “Improvement of antigen detection efficiency with the use of two-dimensional photonic crystal as a substrate”:

V. Terekhin, “Synthesis of polystyrene core/SiO2 shell composite particles and fabrication of SiO2 capsules out of them”:

M.A. Berestovoy, R.S. Bilan, V. Krivenkov, I. Nabiev, A. Sukhanova, “Use of semiconductor nanocrystals to encode microbeads for multiplexed analysis of biological samples”:

S.V. Bozrova, M.A. Baryshnikova, I. Nabiev, A. Sukhanova, “Semiconductor quantum dot toxicity in a mouse in vivo model”:

K.V. Vokhmintcev, C. Guhrenz, N. Gaponik, I. Nabiev, P.S. Samokhvalov, “Quenching of quantum dots luminescence under light irradiation and its influence on the biological application”:

S Glukhov, M Berestovoy, P Chames, D Baty, I Nabiev, A Sukhanova, “Quantification and imaging of HER2 protein using nanocrystals conjugated with single-domain antibodies”:


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