A new apparatus for analyzing 3D nanostructures: A publication by LNBE researchers in the Review of Scientific Instruments

Researchers of LNBE in collaboration with their colleagues from several Russian and foreign research centers have developed a new apparatus for reconstructing and analyzing the 3D nanostructures of various materials on the basis of scanning probe microscopy of the surfaces of consecutive ultrathin sections. The paper entitled "A novel design of a scanning probe microscope integrated with an ultramicrotome for serial blockface nanotomography" describing the new development has been accepted for publication by the Review of Scientific Instruments, an international journal published by the American Institute of Physics and specializing in new instruments, devices, and techniques.

The apparatus is a continuation of a series of developments in the field of correlative methods of analysis of nanomaterials carried out by the research team. It is expected to be widely used in studying various biological objects, biomaterials, polymer nanocomposites, and nanohybrid materials.

A video about the new apparatus can be watched or downloaded here >>


Konstantin E. Mochalov, Ph.D., senior research assistant (mochalov@mail.ru)

Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
31 Kashirskoe shosse, 115409 Moscow, Russian Federation


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