A paper from LNBE accepted for publication by the Nano Today, one of the three world's best journals on nanoscience & nanothechnology

A study by the young researchers from LNBE Kirill Vokhmintcev, engineer, and Pavel Samokhvalov, head of the Nanochemistry Group, as well as Igor R. Nabiev, leading scientist of LNBE, entitled Charge Transfer and Separation in Photoexcited Quantum Dot–Based Systems, has been accepted for publication by the Nano Today.

The authors analyze the problem of the effect of surface organic ligands of quantum dots (QDs) on charge transfer and separation in QD-based nanosystems. Earlier, QDs with desired parameters of charge transfer and separation (and, hence, desired optical properties) were routinely obtained by selecting the compositions of the QD core and inorganic shell. The data presented in the study show that the optical characteristics of nanocrystals can be controlled by appropriately selecting the composition of organic surface ligands, without changing the composition or structure of the inorganic QD core and shell.


In addition to theoretical analysis of the effects of organic ligand composition on charge and energy transfer in QDs, the study considers the practical implications of these effects in different fields of technology, primarily photocatalysis, fabrication of light-emitting diodes, and photovoltaics. The most promising strategies of the development of novel surface ligands that could ensure the desirable parameters of charge generation and separation in nanoparticles, including secondary pathways of charge transfer and radiative and nonradiative electron–hole recombinations, are discussed.

The high-impact journal Nano Today is one of the world's top 3 journals on nanoscience and nanotechnology, along with the Nature Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, according to the Thompson Reuters (Web of Science).


Pavel Samokhvalov, PhD, senior researcher, leader of the LNBE Nanochemistry Group (p.samokhvalov@gmail.com)

Kirill Vokhmintcev, PhD, engineer of LNBE (vokirill@gmail.com)

Prof. Igor R. Nabiev, PhD, DSc, leading scientist of LNBE (igor.nabiev@gmail.com)

Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
31 Kashirskoe shosse, 115409 Moscow, Russian Federation


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