A total of 20 new papers from LNBE cited recently by the Scopus and Web of Science

As many as 20 recent papers from LNBE have been cited by the Scopus and Web of Science international publication databases.

These are two sets of papers almost simultaneously published in the Materials Today: Proceedings and Physics Procedia that report on recent developments and basic studies carried out in all research groups of LNBE (some of them coauthored by colleagues from a number of foreign and Russian research centers). The publications cover the all the main R&D fields the laboratory is engaged in, including nanoprobes for early tumor diagnosis and therapy (about one-third of the papers), nanotomography, sensing, nano-biophotonics, development of nano–bio hybrid materials and analysis of their properties and energy transfer processes in them, modification of the characteristics of photosensitive proteins by nanoparticles, and development of light-emitting diodes based on nanohybrid structures.

The studies reported in these papers were earlier presented at the international conference on Advances in Functional Materials in the State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA, as well as the 4th International Conference of Photonics and Information Optics and Conference of Fundamental Research and Particle Physics organized under Scientific Session MEPhI-2015.

The scope and number of the papers from LNBE, as well as the very fact that the laboratory actively participates in prestigious international forums, confirm that the LNBE's researches at the interface of nanotechnology with biomedicine, bioengineering, photonics, and other rapidly growing areas of science and technology are in currently demand and of high theoretical and practical importance.


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