Researchers of LNBE published three papers based on their reports at the SIBIRCON/SibMedInfo international conference

Papers representing extended versions of three reports by researchers of the LNBE at SIBIRCON/SibMedInfo, an international conference on biomedical engineering and computer technologies, last fall have been published in the electronic IEEE Xplore Digital Library, which is cited in the Web of Science and SCOPUS.

Sergey Dayneko, PhD, presented a review report on The Potential Of Lasing In Quantum Dots For Sensing And Diagnostic Applications considering the approaches to engineering next-generation sensors that employ lasing from semiconductor quantum dots.

Prof. Igor Nabiev, leading scientist of LNBE, presented two studies: Multiphoton Imaging of Tumor Biomarkers in Situ Using Highly Oriented Conjugates of Single-domain Antibodies and Quantum Dots and Diagnostic Nanoprobes Based on the Conjugates of Quantum Dots and Single-domain Antibodies for Cancer Biomarkers Detection in Immunohistochemistry and Flow Cytometry. These papers describe the characteristics of a new generation of diagnostic nanoprobes that allow cancer to be diagnosed more effectively and efficiently at early stages. Experimental evidence for the feasibility of their clinical applications are presented. Both studies were performed in collaboration with our colleagues from the anticancer research center of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France.

The studies presented at the conference were described in more detail at our website earlier.


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