LNBE represented at the Physics of the Future talk show

On April 24, the Physics of the Future talk show occurred in the press center of the Rossiya Segodnya (Russia Today) International News Agency, where world's leading researchers and their young colleagues told high school students about advanced research that are underway in the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. The Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering was represented by the leading scientist Professor Igor Nabiev and a young researcher Viktor Krivenkov.

Prof. Nabiev told about the history and prospects of nanotechnologies, from their foundations to the modern practical applications. He also emphasized the possible hazards that may occur if nanotechnologies are used without due care.

The subject of Viktor Krivenkov's report was the significance of nano-biotechnology as a new field of research at the interface of three sciences: physics, chemistry, and biology. He also told about his latest study, analysis of the nonlinear optical properties of a nano–bio hybrid material engineered from semiconductor nanocrystals and the photosensitive protein bacteriorhodopsin, which has promising implications for photovoltaics. In the concluding part of his statement, Krivenkov told about the work of a young researcher in a world-class Russian laboratory and prospects offered by this work.

A video record of the talk show is available at the RIA Novosti website: http://ria.ru/abitura_rus/20150513/1064291252.html. A detailed report is also published at the Newsland portal: http://newsland.com/news/detail/id/1536525/.


Prof. Igor Nabiev, PhD, DSc, leading scientist (igor.nabiev@gmail.com)

Viktor Krivenkov, junior researcher (vkrivenkov@list.ru)

Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
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