Pavel Linkov, engineer at the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, is enrolled in a Russian–French postgraduate training program

Early January 2015, an agreement was signed on the enrollment of Pavel Linkov, engineer at the Nanochemistry Group of the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, in an international Russian–French postgraduate training program with specialization in Chemistry of Nanomaterials.

Joint studies on the characteristics of nanomaterials in LNBE of MEPhI and University of Reims Champagne–Ardenne, France, were started soon after LNBE was founded in November 2011, with young researchers actively involved in them. A joint application for an international postgraduate training project was submitted in early 2014. Applications were selected for nine months on a competition basis according to the criteria of the scientific significance of the project, expertise of the French and Russian directors, and the quality of research in the applicant institutions. After the selection, Pavel Linkov's PhD study project entitled Synthesis and Physicochemical Characteristics of Luminescent Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Biomedical Applications was approved by the competition committee without any reservations. Pavel will carry out his study under the direction of Igor Nabiev and Janos Sapi, professors at Reims University, and Lev Sidorov, professor at Moscow State University.

This study will be the basis for a new stage of partnership between the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering of NRNU MEPhI and the Laboratory of Research in Nanoscience and Laboratory of Medical Chemistry of Reims University. The project is expected to result in development of a new generation of nanocrystals and their conjugates with telomerase inhibitors, understanding the mechanisms of the penetration of the conjugates into cells, and demonstration of their antitumor activity.

The legal basis of the joint direction of the PhD study by academics from the two countries is the 21 May 2013 Agreement between the Governments of the Russian Federation and French Republic on mutual recognition of academic degrees. After defending his thesis, Pavel Linkov will receive both the candidate of science degree in chemistry from Moscow State University and the philosophiae doctor degree from Reims University.

Enrollment of other young researchers of LNBE in international postgraduate training projects jointly directed by academics from different countries is planned for the near future.


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