A paper by our young colleague Viktor Krivenkov and other researchers from LNBE is accepted by the Optics Letters, one of the world's most cited journals on the "science of light" (photonics)

A paper "Two-photon-induced Förster resonance energy transfer in a hybrid material engineered from quantum dots and bacteriorhodopsin" by Victor Krivenkov, Pavel Samokhvalov, Daria Solovyeva, Regina Bilan, Alexander Chistyakov, and the leading scientist of LNBE Igor Nabiev has been accepted for publication by the Optics Letters, one of the world's best journals in the fields of optics and photonics.

The main idea of this study is based on the fact that quantum dots have a huge two-photon absorption cross-section, orders of magnitude higher than those of traditional fluorophores. Owing to this, the fluorescence of quantum dots "one-photonically" absorbing light in the visible region can be excited in the infrared region as well, if we "force" them into absorbing two photons with the same energy at once. In the study by Krivenkov et al., a nano–bio hybrid system was fabricated that consisted of quantum dots and the protein bacteriorhodopsin tightly linked to each other by nano-bioengineering methods. The authors have demonstrated that this system can be used to selectively excite quantum dots in the two-photon mode and induce efficient resonance energy transfer from the nanocrystals to the protein, thereby activating its biological function (proton pumping). This discovery makes it possible to study energy transfer processes upon multi-photon excitation and trigger the bacrteriorhodopsin photocycle without directly exciting the protein. In addition, the use of nanomaterials allows the activation of the bacrteriorhodopsin's biological function in a substantially widened spectral range. The results of the study are not only of basic scientific significance, but also of practical importance, because they lay the basis for wider use of nano–bio hybrid materials in optoelectronics and photovoltaics.

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Viktor A. Krivenkov, junior research assistant (vkrivenkov@list.ru)

Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
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