Two researchers of LNBE defended their PhD theses

In late January two young researchers of our laboratory, Kristina Brazhnik and Sergey Dayneko, have defended their PhD theses. These are the first theses based on studies carried out in LNBE.

Sergey Dayneko's study on Photovoltaic Structures Based on Organic Semiconductors and CdSe Quantum Dots was part of joint research of LNBE and the Laboratory of Electronic and Photonic Processes of the Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCE RAS). The study represents one of the lines of research of the Nano-Heterostructure Physics Group, where the wide absorption spectrum of quantum dots and their capacity for nonradiative energy transfer to acceptors are used for designing solar cells that would utilize solar energy as efficiently as possible.

Kristina Brazhnik's thesis is entitled Multiplexed Analysis of Serum Cancer Markers by Means of Suspension Systems Based on Microbeads Encoded with Fluorescent Nanocrystals. Her study lies in one of the main research fields of the Nanomedicine Group, which is the development of systems for quick, precise clinical laboratory diagnoses of diseases by detecting their biomarkers in blood and tissues. The research is currently focused on detecting small amounts of specific cancer markers, which would allow malignant tumors to be diagnosed at early stages of the disease. Apart from high sensitivity and specificity, the approach used in these studies is expected to make it possible to simultaneously detect several markers in a single clinical sample, which would make the diagnosis substantially more effective and efficient.

We congratulate Kristina and Sergey and wish them every success in their work!


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