Researchers of LNBE took part in the first international scientific conference "Science of the Future"

The conference "Science of the Future" organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, on September 17–20. The conference covered the results of the implementation of RF Government Decree no. 220 popularly known as the "mega-grant decree." The conference gathered more than 800 Russian and foreign participants, thus becoming one of the most significant scientific forums in Russia in 2014.

LNBE researchers made three oral and eight poster presentations at three sections of the conference: Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics. Nanotechnologies. Technologies of Materials. Space. In addition, two foreign researchers took part in the section Physics. Nanotechnologies. Technologies of Materials. Space on invitation of Prof. Igor Nabiev, leading scientist of LNBE. These were Prof. Nikolai Gaponik, leading researcher at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, and Dr. Fernanda Ramos Gomes of the Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine, Göttingen, Germany, who actively collaborate with LNBE in the fields of quantum dot synthesis and their applications to cancer diagnosis.

Prof. Nabiev presented a statement entitled "Nano-bio hybrid materials with the energy transfer properties" summarizing the achievements of LNBE since its foundation in November 2011. Prof. Nabiev made special emphasis on the research in hybrid systems based on quantum dots and their practical applications to biomedicine and bio-photovoltaics.


Oral presentations by Dr. Pavel Samokhvalov, leader of the Nanochemistry Group of LNBE, and Pavel Linkov, postgraduate student and junior researcher of the Nanochemistry Group, in the Chemistry section dealt with their work on the synthesis of colloidal quantum dots of different structures.

Poster presentations from the Nano-Heterostructures, Biophysics, and Nanomedicine groups of LNBE were included in the sections Life Science and Physics. Nanotechnologies. Technologies of materials. Space. They covered various issues of quantum dot implications for photonics, photovoltaics, organic light-emitting diodes, and biosensors, as well as basic research in the mechanisms of energy transfer in hybrid systems based on quantum dots and photosensitive proteins.

Apart from participation in conference sessions, representatives of LNBE visited leading laboratories of St. Petersburg State University and St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics (ITMO University) and established new professional relations. Specifically, collaboration between LNBE and the Research and Training Center for Physics of Nanostructures at the ITMO University was negotiated. The center is headed by Prof. Yuri Gunko of Trinity College Dublin, a recent mega-grant winner.


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