A paper from LNBE is accepted by the highly rated journal Laser Physics Letters

A paper by Viktor Krivenkov, Daria Solovyeva, Pavel Samokhvalov, Regina Grinevich, Kristina Brazhnik, Gennadiy Kotkovskii, and Alexander Chistyakov, researchers of LNBE, and Evgeniy Lukashev, of Moscow State University, "Resonance energy transfer in nano-bio hybrid structures can be modulated by UV laser irradiation" has been accepted for publication by the Laser Physics Letters, a journal with an impact factor of 7.7.

The authors suggest a new approach to the study of photosensitive nano-bio hybrid structures capable of energy transfer. The approach is based on controlled modification of the optical characteristics of semiconductor fluorescent nanocrystals (quantum dots) with ultraviolet laser irradiation.

It has been shown that, by varying the irradiation conditions, one can change luminescent characteristics of the nanocrystals, such as the quantum yield and decay kinetics of their luminescence, without changing their shape, mean size, or size distribution. This makes it possible to vary the efficiency of Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) in nanohybrid systems without changing their structure.

The method developed has been used for estimating the role of FRET in the acceleration of the photocycle of bacteriorhodopsin, a photosensitive protein, combined with quantum dots into a nano-biohybrid structure, a system that is considered to be a promising material for photovoltaic applications. The results have demonstrated that it is electrostatic interaction between quantum dots and purple membranes (containing bacteriorhodopsin), rather than FRET, that determines the acceleration of the protein photocycle.

The approach proposed in the study provides researchers with a tool to control and optimize energy transfer in nanocrystal ensembles and nano-bio hybrid systems, as well as other systems based on quantum dots, by means of ultraviolet laser radiation.


Viktor A. Krivenkov, junior research assistant (vkrivenkov@list.ru)

Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
31 Kashirskoe shosse, 115409 Moscow, Russian Federation


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