LNBE wins the competition of Russian Science Foundation for grants on basic and exploratory research carried out by individual research groups

LNBE's application for a grant on the project entitled "Photochemical Processes in Hybrid Materials Based on Semiconductor Nanocrystals and Organic Molecules" in the framework of the competition "Basic Research and Exploratory Research Carried out by Individual Research Groups" has been highly assessed by the Expert Committee of Russian Science Foundation. LNBE has been awarded funding for three years, until 2016 inclusive.

Quantum dots (QDs) are traditionally considered as a core–shell inorganic semiconductor structure, with the stabilizing surface ligands usually not taken into consideration. However, the surface ligands may considerably influence the optical and transport characteristics of the material. Study of the photochemical processes involving interactions between the inorganic component of a QD and the organic ligands is an important research area.

The project proposed by LNBE is aimed at developing a comprehensive model of the photochemical and photophysical processes involved in QD excitation in solutions and polymeric matrices. For this purpose, LNBE is planning to perform both quantum chemical calculations and a series of experiments on the optical characteristics of QDs exposed to intense laser radiation. The fundamental results of these studies are expected to allow the QD photostability to be enhanced and QD solutions to be made less prone to aggregation; they will also be useful for estimating the efficiency of the separation and transport of photogenerated charges in polymeric matrices.

Three young researchers of LNBE will be involved in this research project. The results of the studies are planned to be included into the theses of two postgraduate students.

The results of the competition are published at


Prof. Igor Nabiev, PhD, DSc, leading scientist (igor.nabiev@gmail.com)

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