The Nanomedicine: NBM publishes an article on cancer biomarker imaging coauthored by LNBE researchers and their foreign colleagues

The article (Hafian, H., Sukhanova, A., Turini, M., Chames, P., Baty, D., Pluot, M., Cohen, J.H.M., Nabiev, I., Millot, J.M. (2014) Multiphoton imaging of tumor biomarkers with conjugates of single-domain antibodies and quantum dots) presents data on the imaging of cells carrying carcinoembryonic surface antigen (CEA), a marker of many types of tumors, with the use of single-domain antibodies against CEA conjugated with fluorescent nanocrystals or quantum dots.


The use of two-photon excitation of the quantum dots for imaging of these probes bound with target cells makes it possible to obtain bright fluorescence which is considerably more intense than the autofluorescence of tissue samples. This ensures high sensitivity and specificity of tumor cell detection.

Comparative experiments with biopsy specimens of malignant tumors and normal tissues have confirmed that the conjugates developed in the study can serve as highly efficient nanoprobes for early diagnosis of cancer.

Nanomedicine: NBM is a highly rated journal (impact factor, 6.93) and the leading periodical in the field of nanomedicine, an interdisciplinary branch of applied science focusing on the use of nanotechnology for disease diagnosis and treatment.

This is the second article by LNBE researchers published in the Nanomedicine: NBM.


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