On-the-job training of young researchers in Göttingen, Germany, in the framework of the program for extending LNBE MEPhI international collaboration

Regina Grinevich, of the LNBE Nanomedicine Group, took on-the-job training at the Max-Planck-Institute of Experimental Мedicine (Göttingen, Germany) from December 1 to 20, 2013. The training was part of the collaboration between LNBE and the research group headed by Prof. Frauke Alves.

During the training, our colleague has mastered the methods of immunocytochemical and immunohistochemical staining of tumor cells with unique diagnostic labels, namely conjugates of single-domain antibodies and quantum dots. Testing has demonstrated advantages of the novel technique over traditional ones, including substantially higher sensitivity of the method and photostability of the label. The joint study performed in Göttingen included the two-photon microscopic examination of thick (up to 100 μm) slices of metastatic tissues of experimental animals stained with single-domain antibody–quantum dot conjugates; high-resolution images were obtained.


Regina S. Grinevich, engineer (reginchg@gmail.com)

Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute,
31 Kashirskoe shosse, 115409 Moscow, Russian Federation


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