The Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering project under the Program of State Support for Research Directed by Leading Scientists in Russian Institutions of Higher Specialist Education extended for another two years

November 29, 2013 the Board for Grants of the Russian Federation Government for State Support of Research Directed by Leading Scientists in Russian Institutions of Higher Specialist Education, Research Institutions of State Academies of Sciences, and Research Centers of the Russian Federation adopted the decision on renewing the support of the project of the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering (LNBE) of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (NRNU MEPhI) for the period 2014–2015.

A contract on the renewal of the project support between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, NRNU MEPhI, and the leading scientist Prof. Igor Nabiev was signed by all parties on February 3, 2014.

The Board for Grants made this decision after a detailed international and Russian expert assessment of the LNBE work. The assessment encompassed the number and quality of published studies, the participation of the LNBE staff in Russian and international conferences, further training of young researchers working in the laboratory, as well as the laboratory's potential for working autonomously after the cessation of funding from the state budget.

All the four experts (two Russian and two foreign ones) estimated the work of LNBE as extremely efficient and meeting the current needs of science and technologies. They noted that the research carried out in the laboratory has important implications for nanotechnology, bioengineering, and medicine and that the leading scientist has made a decisive contribution into the breakthrough results obtained in the LNBE in 2012–2013.


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