The LNBE team registers an innovative company under the name Nanomultiplex LLC. The research project has got approval of the Scientific Council of the Skolkovo Foundation. Nanomultiplex is going to become a Skolkovo resident.

The goal of the project prepared in LNBE is to develop a system of methods and tools for designing and manufacturing a versatile clinical diagnostic platform based on nano–bio hybrid biomolecular diagnostic probes. The Skolkovo Foundation has scored the project high.

To receive the status of a Skolkovo resident, the LNBE team has registered an innovative company under the name Nanomultiplex LLC in June of 2013. Its main purpose is to carry out applied translational research in order to implement the results of fundamental studies in nano-bioengineering performed in LNBE. The company focuses on the development, manufacturing, and implementation of unique multiplexed diagnostic test systems and instruments.

The company is planning close collaboration with Russian companies manufacturing diagnostic preparations and foundations supporting research and implementation programs, as well as with foreign partners, who have already shown interest in both the scientific component of the project and the business plan of the development of Nanomultiplex.

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