Five more papers from LNBE were published in the last days of the past year; two of them, in journals with very high impact factors.

This makes a total of twenty-nine papers from LNBE published or accepted for publication in journals cited by the Web of Science within 13 months since the laboratory was established.

The paper Controlled Antibody/(Bio-) Conjugation of Inorganic Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery by Alyona V. Sukhanova, the head of the Nanomedicine Group and Igor R. Nabiev, the leading scientist, in collaboration with researchers of the universities of Marburg and Bayreuth (Germany) and Zaragoza (Spain) was published on December 29, 2012, in the Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, a journal with a very high impact factor of 11.502 (

Pavel S. Samokhvalov and Mikhail V. Artemyev of the Nanochemistry Group and Prof. Nabiev published an article on Basic Principles and Current Trends in Colloidal Synthesis of Highly Luminescent Semiconductor Nancorystals in the Chemistry—A European Journal with an impact factor of 5.925. In addition, a Russian paper by the same authors entitled Current Trends in Colloidal Synthesis of Luminescent Semiconductor Nancorystals has been accepted for publication in the Rossiiskie nanotekhnologii [Russian Nanotechnologies].

Finally, three studies carried out by researchers of LNBE in collaboration with foreign colleagues have come out in the Proceedings of SPIE, a journal cited by the Web of Science.

Here Dr. Sukhanova and Prof. Nabiev together with researchers of the universities of Reims and Marseilles (France) published the papers Bi-Photon Imaging and Diagnostics Using Ultra-Small Diagnostic Probes Engineered from Semiconductor Nanocrystals and Single-Domain Antibodies ( and Semiconductor Quantum Dots Affect Fluidity of Purple Membrane from Halobacterium salinarum through Disruption of Bacteriorhodopsin Trimer Organization ( The third paper published in this journal, Quantum Dots Induce Charge-Specific Amyloid-Like Fibrillation of Insulin at Physiological Conditions, was written by Dr. Sukhanova, Prof. Nabiev, and Anton A. Shemetov (Nanomedicine Group) in collaboration with Simon Poly (CIC NanoGune Consolider, San Sebastián, Spain) (


Alyona V. Sukhanova, M.D., Ph.D.

Pavel S. Samokhvalov, Ph.D.

Prof. Igor R. Nabiev, Ph.D., D.Sci.

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