FULL TEXT NOW AVAILABLE: Recent ARTICLE from LNBE and LPNM on estimating efficiency of two-photon light absorption by nanocrystal samples with unknown concentrations published in ACS Photonics and EARLIER ARTICLES from ACS Publications journals


As we reported this February, the top-rated ACS Photonics published the paper on Determination of the single-exciton two-photon absorption cross sections of semiconductor nanocrystals through the measurement of saturation of their two-photon-excited photoluminescence, a development by researchers from the cluster of international laboratories of Nano-Bioengineering (LNBE) and Hybrid Photonic Nanomaterials (LPNM), NRNU MEPhI, which has solved the problem of measuring the efficiency of two-photon light absorption by nanocrystal samples with unknown concentrations. The full text of this paper is now available.

The paper is available for free reading and downloading at the ACS Publications website: https://pubs.acs.org/articlesonrequest/AOR-sXU3YEdnJwtnxgnqRGSH.

Up to 50 our colleagues may get free e-prints of the paper during the first year after publication. After 12 months, the number of copies available for downloading will be unlimited.

A subscriber of the ACS Publications site will be directed seamlessly to the full text version of the article; a non-subscriber will have to register first, but this is fast and free (by pressing Log in on the page to which the link directs, choosing Create free account, and then following the instructions that appear there).

Also available are the full texts of earlier papers from LNBE and LPNM published in other ACS Publications journals:

Krivenkov, V., Goncharov, S., Samokhvalov, P., Sánchez-Iglesias, A., Grzelczak, M., Nabiev, I., Rakovich, Yu. (2019) Enhancement of biexciton emission due to long-range interaction of single quantum dots and gold nanorods in a thin-film hybrid nanostructure. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10, 481–486: http://pubs.acs.org/articlesonrequest/AOR-sHatTmKUKvWQyFmYqqf8

Melnikau, D., Govyadinov, A.A., Sánchez-Iglesia, A., Grzelczak, M., Nabiev, I.R., Liz-Marzán, L.M., Rakovich, Yu.P. (2019) Double Rabi splitting in a strongly coupled system of core–shell Au@Ag nanorods and J-aggregates of multiple fluorophores. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10, 6137–6143: http://pubs.acs.org/articlesonrequest/AOR-d38Q6jQJfYuNs3gYXQ6P

Krivenkov, V., Samokhvalov, P., Zvaigzne, M., Martynov, I., Chistyakov, A., Nabiev, I. (2018) Ligand-mediated photobrightening and photodarkening of CdSe/ZnS quantum dot ensembles. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122 (27), 15761–15771: http://pubs.acs.org/articlesonrequest/AOR-i7R2UJM54kaECYVhvfRD

Bourguet, E., Brazhnik, K., Sukhanova, A., Moroy, G., Brassart-Pasco, S., Martin, A.-P., Villena, I., Bellon, G., Sapi, J., Nabiev, I. (2016) Design, synthesis, and use of MMP-2 inhibitor-conjugated quantum dots in functional biochemical assays. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 27 (4), 1067–1081: http://pubs.acs.org/articlesonrequest/AOR-kqyewBVzXZndg3fUGz4J

Bilan, R., Fleury, F., Nabiev, I., Sukhanova, A. (2015) Quantum dot surface chemistry and functionalization for cell targeting and imaging. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 26 (4), 609–624: http://pubs.acs.org/articlesonrequest/AOR-3FQN9SBBemTxB9F5WPVq

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Rakovich, A.,Nabiev, I., Sukhanova, A., Lesnyak, V., Gaponik, N., Rakovich, Yu.P., Donegan, J.F. (2013) Large enhancement of nonlinear optical response in a hybrid nanobiomaterial consisting of bacteriorhodopsin and cadmium telluride quantum dots. ACS NANO, 7 (3), 2154–2160: http://pubs.acs.org/articlesonrequest/AOR-23ugWwWNVVin3iIsjuiv

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