Nature - Scientific Reports: Researchers from LNBE and Institute of Spectroscopy, RAS, make instrument for multiplexed detection of cancer markers

The top-rated international journal Nature - Scientific Reports has published a paper from LNBE of NRNU MEPhI and Institute of Spectroscopy of the Russian Academy of Sciences describing a method of biosensing ensuring a quicker, more sensitive, and more reliable diagnosis of cancer developed by the authors (Petrova I., Konopsky V., Nabiev I., Sukhanova A. (2019) Label-free flow multiplex biosensing via photonic crystal surface mode detection. Sci. Rep., 9, 8745).

The approach used in the study is based on independent real-time recording of the excitation angle of the surface modes of a photonic crystal bearing capture molecules (antibodies against cancer markers) and the total internal reflection angle. The approach proposed is label-free; i.e., it provides imaging without using a label. It is also quick and highly sensitive, with a detection threshold of about several tenths of a picogram per milliliter. A special advantage is that the new biosensor allows simultaneous detection of different markers in a sample, which the authors have demonstrated in this study.


Practical use of the new approach will help solving the issue of early diagnosis, which is a crucial factor in cancer treatment.

It is noteworthy that the potential use of this approach is not restricted to oncology. For example, the authors recently used the same principle for the detection of bacterial toxins in order to estimate the bacterial contamination of foods, water, and other media.

Nature - Scientific Reports is an international journal publishing original research articles from various fields of science and medicine. In the SJR, the journal has been included in the first quartile of interdisciplinary journals for about eight years, almost from the moment of its foundation, and is among the best journals in the Interdisciplinary Journal group.


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