RF Federal Intellectual Property Service to give patent on new development in light–matter interaction in strong and weak coupling regimes to researchers from LNBE–LPNM cluster

The patented utility model, A Substrate for Binding Molecules of the Sample in an Oriented Manner, designed in the Laboratory of Hybrid Photonic Nanomaterials (LPNM) and Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering (LNBE), is a result of the continuing search for new approaches to controlled variation of the basic properties of matter employing the effects of strong and weak light–matter couplings.

The system described in the patent is used for spatially oriented immobilization of molecules, which is necessary for increasing the mean dipole moment of an ensemble of molecules in the sample and alter the characteristics of the molecules in the strong and weak coupling regimes as effectively as possible. The substrate is made of graphene derivatives with glutathione and acid molecules immobilized on the surface in order to bind divalent transition metal ions, ensure the desired orientation of bound organic molecules of different types, and decrease the absorption of radiation by the substrate material. Besides, the sample preparation for experiments with strong and weak light–matter coupling is much easier if the new system is used.

The authors used the Method for Modification of the Properties of the Sample Molecules and the Device for its Implementation patented earlier and the system described in the new patent to demonstrate changes in the fluorescence spectrum of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) and the absorption spectrum of the yellow fluorescent protein (YFP), as well as increase in the rates of both processes, in experiments with the new system.

The system to be patented has been developed by Professor Igor Nabiev, Dr. Pavel Sokolov, Dr. Pavel Samokhvalov, Dr. Dmitry Dovzhenko, and Professor Yuriy Rakovich in the framework of the project on Linear and Nonlinear Nanoscale Optical Effects for Designing Next-Generation Biosensors (Agreement no. 14.Y26.31.0011 of February 20, 2017).


Dmitry S. Dovzhenko, Ph.D., research engineer (dovzhenkods@gmail.com)

Maria G. Korenkova, director of external relations (MGKorenkova@mephi.ru)

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