Researchers from Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, NRNU MEPhI, got patent on device to be used in third-generation solar cells

Although solar radiation is an inexhaustible source of energy, solar energetics sill accounts for barely more than 1% of gross electrical energy produced today. The reason is not only the low efficiency factor of solar cells, but also their weak resistance to environment factors and low photostability. A promising way to solve these problems is to use hybrid materials based on graphene and quantum dots as the main components of the photoactive layer. These materials could ensure a substantial increase in the efficiency of solar energy harvesting, improve the generation and separation of charge carriers, and make solar cells more reliable.

Dr. Pavel Sokolov, Dr. Dmitry Dovzhenko, Dr. Pavel Samokhvalov, and Professor Igor Nabiev, the authors of the RF patent 188920 on A Device for Harvesting Solar Radiation and Generating Charge Carriers for Transparent Solar Cells, propose a utility model containing a two-dimensional photonic crystal which represents a periodic structure formed by an array of parallel nanorods located in the nodes of a two-dimensional lattice, with a thin layer of a transparent conducting material on the surface. A hybrid material consisting of sheets of graphene derivatives and quantum dots fills the space between the nanorods. The proposed device ensures more efficient solar radiation harvesting in the near IR wavelength range and generation of free charge carriers due to an enhances light absorption by the graphene–quantum dot hybrid photoactive layer, as well as an efficient harvesting of the charge carriers formed in quantum dots upon light absorption.

The patented utility model is based on the developments made in the course of the project on Hybrid Graphene–Quantum Dot 2D Structures with Controlled Optical and Photoelectrical Properties and Their Photovoltaic Applications (Agreement no. 14.584.21.0032 of November 22, 2017, project RFMEFI58417X0032).


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