Study from Professor I. R. Nabiev's laboratory (LNBE, NRNU MEPhI) published in top-rated Materials Science and Engineering C

The international journal Materials Science and Engineering C has published a study on a medical application of nanomaterials performed by researchers of the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering (LNBE) of NRNU MEPhI in collaboration with Brazilian colleagues—de Menezes, F.D., dos Reis, S.R.R., Pinto, S.R., Portilho, F.L., do Vale Chaves e Mello, F., Helal-Neto, E., da Silva de Barros, A.O., Alencar, L.M.R., de Menezes, A.S., Santos, C.C., Saraiva-Souza, A., Perini, J.A., Machado, D.E., Felzenswalb, I., Araujo-Lima, C.F., Sukhanova, A., Nabiev, I., Santos-Oliveira, R. Graphene quantum dots unraveling: Green synthesis, characterization, radiolabeling with 99mTc, in vivo behavior and mutagenicity. MaterialsScience and Engineering C, 2019, 102, 405–414.

The study deals with the use of graphene nanoparticles for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Graphene-based nanolabels are considered promising innovative tools for medical diagnosis and in loco therapy; however, their behavior in the body and potential mutagenicity remain insufficiently understood.

The authors have developed a new green method for synthesizing graphene nanoparticles and a technique for their radioactive labeling. Experiments on mice have demonstrated that the distribution of these nanoparticles in living systems and their accumulation in different organs in healthy state and during inflammation can be traced. Tests on tissue cultures have shown that graphene nanoparticles labeled with radioactive isotopes are mutagenic.


The Elsevier journal Materials Science and Engineering C: Materials for Biological Applications publishes studies at the interface of biomedical sciences and materials engineering. According to the SCImago ranking, this prestigious international journal is in the first quartile in a number of subject categories:


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