Representatives of the French Embassy in Russia have had a meeting with researchers of LNBE during an official visit to National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

December 18 a delegation of the French Embassy in Russia visited NRNU MEPhI. The delegation consisted of Alexis Michel, the French Embassy counselor for science; Michel Tararine, the counselor's assistant; and Corinne Lassailly, the coordinator of scientific collaboration.

The French representatives began the day's program with visiting LNBE. First, Prof. Igor Nabiev, the leading scientist of LNBE, told the visitors about the organization and main lines of research of LNBE. Then, young researchers from each research group of the laboratory presented brief summaries of their current studies, showed samples of some recent developments, and discussed them with the foreign guests.

After that the representatives of the French Embassy met the administration of NRNU MEPhI to discuss the prospects of international collaboration in education and science.

In particular, Dr. Michel told about exchange programs supported by the French Government, such as the joint postgraduate programs, in which a Russian PhD student performs half of the work in France and, upon defending the theses, receives both a PhD degree from a French university and a candidate of science degree from a Russian one. In addition, Dr. Michel suggested exchange of students and researchers; development of joint bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and postdoctoral training programs; and funding of working visits of professors of NRNU MEPhI to France.

Prof. Mikhail N. Strikhanov, the rector of the university, highly appreciated the suggestions of the French representatives and emphasized that all the possibilities for extending international collaboration should be employed.

More information on this event is presented at the websites of the French Embassy in Russia and NRNU MEPhI.


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