Researchers of LNBE have registered a company named Nanomultiplex LLC. The company is going to become a resident of the Skolkovo Innovative Center

The company has been established in order to develop a versatile system for multiplexed early diagnosis of malignant tumors and autoimmune diseases, carry out preclinical and clinical trials, and commercialize the manufacturing of the diagnostic preparations. The Skolkovo Foundation scored the project high, and the Nanomultiplex LLC innovative company was registered in June of this year. Preparations are underway for Nanomultiplex to become a Skolkovo resident company.

The diagnostic system proposed in the project is novel in that it employs nano–bio hybrid probes that, having recognized, and bound with, the disease biomarker, are detected on the basis of the fluorescence of semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots) contained in the probes. The system is two orders of magnitude more sensitive than the existing analogues. Besides, it allows one to detect simultaneously many different biomarkers because the corresponding capture molecules can be linked to quantum dots that fluoresce in different colors but have the same excitation spectrum. The diagnostic system is based on the results of research carried out in LNBE.

The Nanomultiplex company is planning close collaboration with Russian and foreign companies manufacturing diagnostic preparations and foundations supporting research and implementation programs.

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