About LNBE

The Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering (LNBE) of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute/National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, was founded under the terms of Contract no. 11.G34.31.0050 between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation; National Research Nuclear University MEPhI; and Prof. Igor R. Nabiev, D.Sc., Leading Scientist of the project, under RF Government Decree no. 220 "On the Attraction of World's Leading Scientists to Russian Institutions of Higher Education" of April 9, 2010.

The project is aimed at studying energy transfer and ultrafast processes at the nanolevel and application of the results to molecular diagnosis of diseases and the development of nano–bio hybrid systems where energy is transferred from nanomaterials to biomaterials.


The project includes:

(1) The foundation of a world-class laboratory for research and development in the field of nano–bio hybrid materials combining the advanced nano-bioengineering techniques developed by the leading scientist with the infrastructure and experience of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in energetics and study of energy transfer and ultrafast processes.

(2) Research in energy transfer at the nanolevel and the methods of using them for more efficient biofuel production and in photovoltaics.

(3) The development of a new generation of highly sensitive, specific diagnostic systems based on nano–bio hybrid materials and the study of processes at the nano–bio interface.


LNBE's research and development activities are carried out in three research groups:

         - Nano-Heterostructure Physics Group

         The group's scope of research includes the photophysical and electrophysical properties of semiconductor nanostructures and hybrid nanomaterials based on these structures. Special attention is paid to nanolevel electron excitation transfer analyzed by means of time-resolved laser spectroscopy. The research is aimed at the development and fabrication of highly efficient photovoltaic cells.

         - Nanochemistry Group

         The group specializes in the colloidal synthesis of different types of nanocrystals with controlled physicochemical characteristics, as well as targeted chemical modification of the nanocrystal surface in order to impart the desired functional properties to the nanocrystals. The group is studying the energy structure and optical characteristics of semiconductor and plasmonic nanocrystals and develops the methods for manufacturing nanomaterials with controlled properties that could be used in biomedical and photovoltaic applications.

        - Nanomedicine Group.

         The researchers constituting this group, the largest in LNBE, have unique experience in the development of nanodiagnostic systems of a new generation employing energy transfer, as well as their application to the diagnosis of malignant tumors and autoimmune diseases in humans and monitoring of the treatment efficacy. The group is also studying the processes at the nano–bio interface in order to characterize the possible effects of nanomaterials on human health. The Nanomedicine Group is the basis of the European Technological Platform "Semiconductor Nanocrystals."

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